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Black Desert Online Articles

Black Desert Online Adds the Ancient Anvil, Offering a Guaranteed Enhancement if You Fail Enough Times

Black Desert Online has formally introduced the Ancient Anvil, a new gear enhancement system that will give you another shot at guaranteed enhancement should you fail in prior attempts.

One Of Black Desert Online's Best Systems Has Finally Been Expanded To All Classes

Black Desert Online is a meaty game, with tons of systems and features overlapping each other across its game world. One system, though, has been only available to one class in the MMO. Well, that has finally changed.

Black Desert Online: J's Hammer of Precision and the Implications of it All

Enhancing in Black Desert Online is a mixed bag, but Pearl Abyss' release of J's Hammer of Precision has helped alleviate those fears of failure. Lowry takes a look at the tool and what it means for new and old players alike.

Pearl Abyss Adds New Enhancement Pity System to Black Desert Online

Pearl Abyss has added a long overdue enhancement pity system to Black Desert Online via an update that adds the "Ancient Anvil" system.  

Craft Free of Failure During Black Desert Online's J's Hammer of Precision Event

Pearl Abyss has announced a special event for Black Desert Online that will allow players to craft free of failure for a time.

Black Desert Online: Looking Ahead At Its Renewed Endgame and Future

Black Desert Online's recent updates and class rebalance have brought its endgame into a rather healthy state. Lowry explores what it means right now and for the future.

Black Desert Gives New Dev Update on Class Balance and Peeks at Land of the Morning Light: Seoul Expansion

Pearl Abyss is giving us a peek into the future, with a new Black Desert Online dev commentary video, on upcoming changes and a peek at the next expansion, Land of the Morning Light: Seoul.

Interview: Celebrating 8 Years Of Black Desert Bringing Adventurers Together

Black Desert players recently gathered in Hollywood to celebrate 8 years of the MMO in the West. During the event, we spoke to three players who shared their experiences in the MMO and what keeps them coming back for more.

The Scholar Comes to Black Desert Console, With 4th Console Anniversary Events and Bonuses

Today, Black Desert Console brings the new, hammer-wielding Scholar class to players, along with some special events and bonuses to mark the 4th console anniversary.

Black Desert Franchise Anniversary Celebrations are Here, Scholar Arrives on Console and Mobile Next Week

It's celebration time across the Black Desert franchise, as Pearl Abyss announces events, new milestones, and the Scholar class coming to console and mobile next week.

Black Desert Online Prepares For 8th Anniversary, Adds Two Maps to Guild League, and Kicks Off Boss Event

Black Desert Online's latest update is rich in events, new improvements, and kicks off the 8th anniversary festivities with some free gifts.

Black Desert Online Tweaks War of the Roses, Refines Guild League Matchmaking, and Adjusts Monster Zone

The latest Black Desert Online update features adjustments to War of the Roses and the Guild League, tweaks to progression, help for PKed players, and some Valentine's events that continue through the month.

After First War of the Roses, Black Desert Online Gets 15v15 Guild League, and Mobile Gets New Region and Skills

The first 300v300 War of the Roses took place in Black Desert Online last weekend, and Pearl Abyss is now adding 15v15 PvP Guild League. Meanwhile, Black Desert Mobile gets a new region and a new skill system for new ways to play your class.

Black Desert Online Breaks Down 'War of the Roses' Features in New Overview Video

Black Desert Online is adding the War of the Roses story arc as a new way of experiencing the game's conquest war. Players can choose to align with Kamasylvia or O'dyllita in their fight for the Allmother's throne.

Black Desert Online Adds New High-Level Monster Zone, War of the Roses Questline and 300-Person PvP Mode

Black Desert Online's latest update opens up the new Yzrahid Highlands monster zone, adds the War of the Roses main questline, new Academia costume, and continues streamlining some of the items and features to improve the player experience.