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Black Desert Mobile - Hadum's Realm Coming Soon, New Boss Hadum Revealed

Say Hey to Hadum

Steven Weber Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile - Hadum's Realm Coming Soon, New Boss Hadum Revealed

Today it was revealed that Hadum’s Realm, a new area that will include a new region boss, Hadum, will be on its way to Black Desert Mobile. In a Developer’s Insight video, Lead Producer, Ryan Kang spoke at length on all the new updates, content and character reveals headed to the game.

To get ready for the big introduction of the upcoming realm, an update is planned this week that will add the following content:

  • The Omen of Darkness event - this event gives Adventurers a chance to earn precious items and totems, which can be redeemed for weapons and armor at Orwen’s shop
  • Tier 8 town hall - expands a player’s territory and help them harvest more resources
  • Mediah - a new merchantry, which sells helpful items like the Crow Merchant’s Elixir

Black Desert Mobile has been on a roll lately, with the recent addition of the Hashashin class added, and a new world boss added last month.


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