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North Mediah Region Comes to Black Desert Mobile

Plus a new event

By Poorna Shankar on March 03, 2020 | News | 0

North Mediah is the newest region to hit Black Desert Mobile.

The new region is set to add a huge new landmass that contains brand new content, quests and stories to enjoy. To celebrate the launch, Pearl Abyss announced new items for the region in a press release, including skill books needed for Ascended characters and Abyssal gear, which are useful for any player regardless of class.

Additionally, as may have been expected, more powerful weapons and gear can be obtained through crafting, as the maximum enhancement level is being increased to 40. The NPC Patrigio is now carrying mystical gear and weapons for purchase. Players who do not have enough silver to pay Patrigio can negotiate the price by giving him additional items.

A new event is accompanying the new region, called The Ancient Maze. The Ancient Maze is a battlefield with five levels. After each level is completed, players can decide whether he or she wants to progress to the next one. As each level is conquered, players will be given special rewards including a new pet. If a player dies during the challenge, they will be left with nothing - so challengers need to progress at their own peril.


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