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Black Desert Mobile Receives New World Boss

Plus extends Amazon Prime partnership

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new world boss is now available in Black Desert Mobile following a recent update.

The boss is called Enraged Giath the Goblin Chief. Giath is the Supreme Chief of Goblins who lives in a deeply secluded part of The Forest of Plunder. By defeating this monster, players can obtain a Giath’s helmet fragment. 

Additionally, Pearl Abyss announced that it’s extending its partnership with Amazon Prime with new rewards and a new free content update to Black Desert Mobile. Players can claim a slew of valuable rewards over the next three months, including rewards of over $400 in-game value, by logging into their Prime account through the special in-game menu tab (details here). 

In recent news, Gear Awakening and Family Blessings were added to Black Desert Mobile. Gear Awakening is essentially an enhancement system to upgrade your current gear with awakened enchantments. Family Blessings, on the other hand, is an EXP buff if you have multiple characters. You can read more about these systems here.


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