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Black Desert Mobile Receives New Advanced Battlefield

Plus new enhancement system

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile has received an advanced battlefield with Secret Shultz Fortress, plus more with the latest update.

The fortress is located in North Mediah. It’s meant for pretty powerful players and contains high-level rewards and top-level loot. Adventurers who check out the Shultz Supply Sack can also find a plethora of rare and valuable items. If you’re looking to battle against higher level players for even more loot, this battlefield is the place for you. Given its draw for powerful players, be sure you’re well-geared before heading in.

Also announced was the new Awakened Enhancement system. With awakened enhancement, you can now enhance your gear above level 40 with Pristine Black Crystal. Each enhanced weapon or piece of armor gives the player more attack and defense points.

You can craft a Pristine Black Crystal in the Refinery with Black Crystal or Black Stone. But be careful - the higher the level of enhancement, the lower the success rate of awakened enchantment is. Advice of Valks helps increase the success rate.

You can check out more details here.


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