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Black Desert Mobile Articles

Black Desert Mobile Brings Major Balance Change to Nova

Although the Nova class was only recently released, the class is receiving several major balance changes in Black Desert Mobile.

Black Desert Mobile Hadum Boss Rush Brings On Greater Challenge

Look out for new enemies in Black Desert Mobile's Hadum boss rush.

Grand Desert Expansion Announced for Black Desert Mobile

The Grand Desert Expansion has been announced for Black Desert Mobile, plus news of an anniversary event, and more

Today's Black Desert Mobile Patch Releases New Zone a New World Boss and Other Spooky Offerings

Today's Black Desert Mobile patch introduces a lot of content for mobile adventurers. They are introducing a new zone, Cron Castle Royal Garden, a new Hadum World Boss, Kzarka, and as if that wasn't enough, Halloween has hit the game, with skulls and pumpkins galore.

Black Desert Mobile - Hadum's Realm Now Available

Black Desert Mobile has added Hadum's Realm in their latest game update. The update will include new enemies, a new area, new quests, and plenty of new rewards for adventurers strong enough to take on the challenge.

 Black Desert Mobile - New World Boss, Enraged Muskan Arrives

Pearl Abyss has divulged the coming of a new world boss for Black Desert Mobile, known as the Enraged Muskan. The boss is slated to be available in-game after the scheduled maintenance this week.

Black Desert Mobile Releases Big Update Today, New Modes Added

Black Desert Mobile has released information about the enormous patch hitting the app stores today. Features include a new mode, Path of Glory, new items, and the return of the popular Field of Valor game mode as well.

Black Desert Adds Awakenings To Mobile Version Of MMORPG

In a recent update, Black Desert Mobile has recevied the long-awaited Awakening system. This system allows for special class skills to enhance the overall power of the class a player is adventuring with.

Black Desert Mobile Receives New World Boss

A new world boss is now available in Black Desert Mobile following a recent update.

Gear Awakening and Family Blessings Added to Black Desert Mobile

Today, Pearl Abyss announced that Black Desert Mobile will be receiving a free content update

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Region, Raises Level Cap

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert Mobile has opened the gates to the new region of Valencia. This launch coincides with three in-game login events as well.

Striker Class Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has announced that the Striker class is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Here are the details.

Black Desert Mobile Receives Merchantry System, Ramoness Season 2

A new trading system and Season 2 of Ramoness were introduced to Black Desert Mobile today. Here's the scoop.

Black Desert Mobile Receives New Advanced Battlefield

Black Desert Mobile has received an advanced battlefield with Secret Shultz Fortress, plus more with the latest update.

Ancient Ruins Season 2 Returns to Black Desert Mobile

It looks like Ancient Ruin Season 2 is returning to Black Desert Mobile.