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Black Desert Mobile Articles

Woosa and Maegu Each Expand to All Black Desert Platforms Next Week

Twin Class sisters Woosa and Maegu will expand to all Black Desert platforms next week. Maegu debuts in Black Desert Online on January 16th and Woosa will arrive in Black Desert Mobile on January 17th.

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Zone and Story Content, Plus New Bosses

The latest Black Desert Mobile update starts new events, adds new zones, a story update, a new field boss and more. 

Black Desert Unveils More Story About Its New Twin Classes In New Audiobook

Black Desert is ramping up its push for the two Twin Classes in the MMO, and this time it's through the first of a four-part dramatized audiobook about the Maegu and the Woosa.

Black Desert's Newly Announced Woosa Class Will Be Making The Jump To Mobile In January

Last weekend, Pearl Abyss pulled the veil back on its Twin Classes, the Woosa and Maegu, coming to Black Desert PC and Mobile respectively this month. While we heard that the Maegu is coming to PC in January, Pearl Abyss have confirmed to MMORPG that the Woosa will be jumping to mobile in January as well.

Black Desert Mobile Adds New Memory Type to Improve Drop Chances and Opens Five Events

The latest update for Black Desert Mobile is here, adding a new grade of Memories, beginning several events, including a server quest collective event, and some additional improvements. 

Black Desert Mobile Opens Season 10 of Path of Glory and Adds New Fairy Options and Events

Season 10 of Path of Glory begins with Black Desert Mobile's latest update. The update also brings some new progression options, fairy outfits you can get buffs from, and a slate of events.

Black Desert Mobile's Fairies and Magical Creatures Update is Live With a New Fairy Companion

The new Fairies and Magical Creatures update for Black Desert Mobile is live, and it brings a fairy companion, the ability to build a fairy house to raise it, as well as new events, and quests.

Set Sail With the Buccaneer and Her Loyal Otters in Black Desert Mobile's New Update

Today, Black Desert Mobile gets the new Buccaneer class, which arrives Awakened. The update also adds  some events to support her arrival, some featuring her loyal otters, the Slippery Scallywags.

Black Desert Mobile Gets the Drakania Class, Events, And a New Spot for Easier Monster Knowledge

The Drakania class, descendant of the dragons, has been added to the Black Desert Mobile roster. The update also begins several events supporting the class and more changes.

Black Desert Class Adds Yacha, the Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield, Its New Striker

 Black Desert Mobile gets a brand new melee class, the striker Yacha, also called The Rampaging Beast of the Battlefield.

Black Desert Mobile Adds Co-op Rush, and Previews New Striker Class Coming in May, Yacha

A new class is coming to Black Desert Mobile. Yacha is a striker who can also harness fiery damage. There's also a new Co-op Rush event that pits you against a huge new monster.

Black Desert Mobile Adds the Lightning-Fueled Legatus Class in Latest Update

Legatus, "The Last Hero who Controls Lightning" joins Black Desert Mobile as the game's newest mid to long-range class.

Black Desert Mobile's New Region, Kamasylvia is Out Today

Enter the lush, green region of Kamasylvia in Black Desert Mobile, with new quests, a new boss, new lore, and rewards to earn.

Black Desert Mobile Adds the Fire-Powered Melee Solaris Class in Today's Update

Black Desert Mobile update includes the new melee class the Solaris, who wields a Jordun and unleashes fiery attacks.

Black Desert Mobile Welcomes 'New Class' Eclipse December 14th

During the CalpheON Ball, Pearl Abyss released a new trailer for Black Desert Mobile related to the next class headed to the game. The Eclipse will arrive December 14th for all players looking to awaken their Nova.