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Bionic Marine Command Online Overview

Reach out and reclaim the universe from those who would harvest its life essence in Bionic Marine Command Online, a fresh and innovative take on the storied space opera genre! In the wake of a massive plague that swiftly wiped out the entire adult population, it is up to a generation of orphans to rebuild society and fend for themselves against an impending legion of drones hellbent on the total extermination of the outer planetary colonies.

Bionic Marine Command Online (BMCO) is an open-world game that assembles several genres together – Sandbox, RPG, and World Building (Border Moons Expansion) with a MOBA style multiplayer. Players will be able to dictate how they play through our divergent skill-based progression system that allows the player to tailor their character to their unique playstyle. Starting the game as either a Bionic Marine or a Relentless Mercenary players will be able to interact with the worlds various factions. When they aren't exploring the massive universe on foot they can take control of a devastating Mech or space faring ship in two additional and completely unique gameplay modes! Bionic Marine Command can be played as a solo experience or with guild members, with strangers, and with friends alike.

  • Player Choice | Multiple forms of gameplay through a traditional RPG experience, competitive MOBA, and an Expansive Crafting System.
  • Customization | Mix and match custom Mech and space ship parts to create the ultimate machine.
  • Narrative | An engaging space opera that causes you to question the motives of all those around you.
  • Player Housing | Customizable player housing that you can show off to your friends (Border Moons).
  • Open Development | Participate in the development process through active crowdsourcing, feedback, or playtesting.
Greenlight Achieved

The B.M.C.O. team has let us know that the project has been Greenlit on Steam after just over a month. Steam gave the go ahead to the ambitious title despite it being in its very early alpha phase of development. Congratulations to the team.

The Best Scifi in a Sandbox

Bionic Marine Command Online is a new game that is settling into early alpha testing. By all reports, it combines the best scifi has to offer into a unique sandbox experience. We had the chance to interview Terrance from Space Dwarves Entertainment about BMCO to find out more.