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June Beta Journal

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Beta Journal - June This month’s WAR Beta Journal comes courtesy of the Beta Forums and describes a newly discovered love for Dwarfs and a first-time foray into the Marshes of Madness. I've always been a healer in MMOs, and am big a Greenskin fan; I couldn't wait to try out the Goblin Shaman! Yet to my surprise, after briefly trying them I found myself falling in love with the Dwarfs - for reasons I still don't wholly understand, and an Ironbreaker at that. I can only consider my traitordom a testament to the quality of this beta experience. On this particular day, I had adventured deep into the Marshes of Madness, with no ally by my side, no ally that is but my reliable axe and shield. Without them, I'd never survive the horrors. The Marsh is wet and the air is heavy, I can almost smell the peat and the rot under my boots, as I trudge over moldering logs and damp ferns. And the Marsh is dark and mysterious as well, and there is a deeper secret no denizen will tell you - the very air is haunted with an ominous unspoken message. I march onward and soon come upon a company of Dwarf Engineers hastily fortified behind a row of stakes and shallow trenches, awaiting some clouded fate, for what other fate could there be in a place like this? I see their apprehension, and their worry, and it catches. Then I know why; out there, among the reek, are things that should not be. Pale lurking figures among the long spidery roots of the trees, in places a pale stone among the brush that proves to be a pale fleshy head, its body sunk into the mire and ready to crawl out at the slightest vibration. My task? To go out there among them, alone, find the worst of them, and bring back some grisly proof of their demise.


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