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Battlecry Articles

'We Have Concerns About the Game' says Bethesda

In a short statement to the ProgressBar.com.au site, Bethesda has expressed its concern about the upcoming team death match game, Battlecry. ProgressBar reached out to Bethesda after noting the game conspicuous absence from the most recent conventions.

Gameplay Teaser

Get a pre-alpha tease of the action you can expect from BATTLECRY – the online team action combat game from BattleCry Studios. BATTLECRY amplifies team-based combat by combining visceral brutality and competitive multiplayer action to create a new free-to-play gameplay experience. Choose your warrior - each with a meaningfully distinct suite of attacks and abilities - from one of several factions from diverse parts of the world. With strategy, brutal attacks, and unique weapons, fight for p

Interview With Design Director Lucas Davis

At QuakeCon, I had the chance to speak with Lucas Davis, Design Director of BattleCry Studios, and the driving force behind the studio's premiere game, the arena brawler BattleCry.