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Battleborn Articles

New 5v5 PvP Mode Coming October 13th

The Battleborn site has been updated with a developer blog about a new PvP game mode coming to the game and that will be a free addition to all players. Called Face-Off mode, the battleground pits teams of five against one another in a fifteen minute battle. Players are charged with staying alive, killing Varelsi and collecting masks in order to win.

Randy Pitchford: Rumors of F2P Conversion Are False

Randy Pitchford has taken to Twitter to deny yesterday's rumors that Battleborn will soon go free to play. According to Pitchford, the story reported by Kotaku is "a reckless story".

Anonymous Sources Reporting a Move to F2P

An anonymous source has told Kotaku that Battleborn may be making a move to free to play by mid-November. According to the same source, Gearbox originally wanted Battleborn to be F2P but that 2K opted for a box price plus seasonal options.

New Character to Be Released on July 28th

2K has several new blog posts on the Battleborn site to reveal new multiplayer mode maps, broadcaster tools and a new hero coming into the rotation on July 28th. Pendles is the second of five free characters for Season Pass owners coming to the game. Pendles will be widely available on August 4th for 47,500 in-game credits.

Summer Skins, Platinum & Game for $15 in Humble 2K Bundle

Battleborn is part of the Humble 2K Bundle 2 and for $15 or more, you can score it plus Duke Nukem Forever, The Line, Darkness II, Civilization 5, NB2K16 Mafia II, the Battleborn Summer Skins Pack, 230 Battleborn Platinum and Borderlands, the Pre-Sequel.

Three New Maps Coming Thursday

2K Games and Gearbox have posted a preview of three new maps coming to Battleborn on Thursday, July 21st. The three include Incursion, Meltdown and Capture maps.

Lootpocalypse Aims to Increase Drops This Weekend

Battleborn players will want to log into the game this weekend to take advantage of increased loot and rare loot drops during Lootpocalypse. The event begins on Friday, July 15th and runs through Monday, July 18th.

Active Player Numbers Have Dropped Drastically On Steam

Battleborn continues to struggle to find its audience as evidenced by the most recent Steam Chart that shows the average number of players each day hovering around 750. This number represents a 23% drop from the prior month's statistics.

Upcoming Premium & Free DLC Content Detailed

The Battleborn site has a new blog post that lays out lengthy plans for DLC, in both free and premium versions.

Play with the Devs & Double XP This Weekend

A special Battleborn weekend is ready to roll starting today, Friday, June 24th with a double XP event that will last through Monday, June 27th. Players can enjoy earning 2x experience and can keep an eye on Battleborn social media for a chance to score two hero skins -- Oscar Mike's Tango Tango skin and Rath's A Dark Night skin.

Skins, Taunts & Premium Currency Coming June 16th

The Battleborn team has published a brand new developer diary that lays out the forthcoming additions to the in-game Marketplace as well as the premium currency that will be used to purchase skins and taunts. The premium currency is called platinum and can be purchased through the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Store, or through the Steam Wallet.

Lead Writer Aaron Linde Headed to New Pastures

Battleborn lead writer Aaron Linde is leaving Gearbox according to a pair of Twitter posts. According to the tweets, June 3rd is Linde's last day with Gearbox before heading off to the Pacific Northwest and a new opportunity.

Alani Released & Next DLC Hero Announced

2K and Gearbox have announced that Alani, the newest Battleborn hero, has been released and have discounted the game to a bargain price of $40. Alani is a water-bending warrior monk and is the first of five heroes coming to Battleborn over the next several months. Season Pass holders and PS4 open beta players will have Alani unlocked for free beginning today with all others able to work towards unlocking her beginning May 31st.

Alani Release Date & Double XP Weekend

Battleborn Digital Deluxe and Season Pass holders will be able to check out the game's newest hero, Alani, beginning Tuesday, May 24th, with her full release scheduled for May 31st. She can be unlocked for 47,500 credits.

A One of a Kind Shooter

There are a slew of team-based competitive online shooters coming out over the next several months. From Paragon to Overwatch, LawBreakers to Paladins it’s a crowded market. But there’s one game that tries to be more than the rest, and while it doesn’t always succeed in its goals Gearbox’s Battleborn is definitely a good time if you’re into this sort of game.