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Battle of the Immortals Articles

Shifting Tides Goes Live

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the latest expansion to Battle of the Immortals, Shifting Tides, has gone live across all servers. Shifting Tides brings new zones, a hundred new levels within a single instance, stronger bosses and a new PvP arena to the game among other things.

Shifting Tides to Arrive September 19th

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the next major content update for Battle of the Immortals will arrive on September 19th. Called 'Shifting Tides', the update will feature new zones, bosses, pets, gear, and much more.

Shifting Tides Teaser Trailer

Hades' unsuccessful attempt at conquering the gods has left the world weakened. The Goddesses of Fate have convened to locate a source of power to help strengthen the world's defenses. The journey to locate the source of power will be a treacherous pursuit through unexplored lands that will push each hero to their limits. Only time will tell if the tides have shifted and preventing the coming of the next Ragnarok has been averted.

Shifting Tides to Arrive Sept. 19th

Battle of the Immortals brings in the autumn changes with Shifting Tides. The latest expansion offers new zones and gear for players.

Our Official BoI Review

Perfect World Entertainment's Battle of the Immortals opened in 2010 and has been making steady improvements ever since. We've been putting BoI through its paces. See how it measures up and then leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Release Date Announced for Titan Update

And it's not far away at all! In fact, the "Titan" update for Battle of the Immortals goes live tomorrow, July 13th.

This is One B-I-G Trailer!

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that a new Titan Update is on the way with a Titanic-sized boss coming with it. Kronos comes in at nearly 100 feet tall! We've got an exclusive look at the instance that houses Kronos. Don't miss it! Check out the Battle of the Immortals: Kronos Instance Video.

The Titans' Throne Sneak Peek

The team over at Perfect World Entertainment have released a new sneak peek at Battle of the Immortals' next massive dungeon: "The Titans' Throne".

New Titanic-Sized Boss Coming

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that a new Titan Update is on the way with a Titanic-sized boss coming with it. Kronos comes in at nearly 100 feet tall! The update will also introduce two new maps and es expected to deploy soon.

Celebrating Its 1st Anniversary

Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating the first anniversary of its action-MMO, Battle of the Immortals, in a big way. According to PWE, players can look forward to getting a piece of Soul Gear, the most epic gear available in the game, as well as a chance to win a Flame Kirin, a highly sought after pet.

v1.8 Now Live

The Battle of the Immortals developer blog here at MMORPG.com has been updated with new information about v1.8, the latest content expansion. The new game version brings new dungeons, quests, and events to Battle of the Immortals. Be sure to head over to the BoI blog to read more.

Shadow Manor Walkthrough

Battle of the Immortals players get the inside scoop about one of the new dungeons set to be released into the game later this month. In the latest developer blog for BoI here at MMORPG.com, players get all of the super secret information about the Shadow Manor before it even goes live! Check it out so you're fully prepared when v1.8 goes live!

Expansion Confirmed

Battle of the Immortals will be expanding soon and developers are starting off the information flood with a preview of a new zone called Mount Olympus. The official site has been updated with the zone preview, new screenshots and more.

The Zodiac Gauntlet

The MMORPG.com developer blog for Battle of the Immortals has been updated with information about the live event called The Zodiac Gauntlet. Devs have been testing out the event internally but thought fans would like to find out more about the look and feel of The Zodiac Gauntlet.

Jump Into Unique Systems

Recently, Garrett Fuller has been playing Battle of the Immortals from powerhouse publisher, Perfect World Entertainment. Garrett has found a lot to like in BoI so be sure to read his thoughts on the game.