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    Ofir DrDread Maimon
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Barons of the Galaxy Overview

Barons of the Galaxy is a loosely cooperative strategy game of commerce, industry, politics and warfare played online with thousands of players at the same time in a self-expanding galaxy.

Players assume the role of a corporation in a near future sci-fi world where the human race has recently mastered space travel. These corporations represent the major industries of the human race which profit by supplying the 16 resources and over 150 different products and services that every city in the quickly expanding galaxy demands. Product prices, volume of goods and the size of populations rise on fall purely on how much product the players can provide to these cities. Trading between corporations who specialize in different goods is often required and military strife is usually inevitable.

As populations become larger the players themselves elect other players to become Governors of cities, Emperors of planets and even Star Lords of entire solar systems. These titles provide the players with taxation income and more political power to be used in voting for the outcome.

Scifi Industry and Trading | Produce from 16 different contested resources which can combine into over 150 products to sell in a realistc market that can effect all the other players.

  • Innovative PvP Politics | Alter the course of the game through a random event system which allows all players to vote on different outcomes using thier industrial or military influence.
  • Player elected government positions | Players can be elected to govern over cities, planets or entire star systems inhabited but hundreds of other players they are responsible for defending.
  • Even small players can shine | Experience game mechanics that prevent veteran players from dominating the game and allows even small players in the right industry to change an entire star system through events.
  • Ever expanding galaxy | The playable galaxy automaticaly expands as needed allowing anyone to re-locate to a new system and start fresh or escape tyranny.
  • Co-Op Strategy Sci-Fi Game to Launch on May 13th

    Turn-based cooperative strategy game Barons of the Galaxy is preparing for full launch this weekend, May 13th. Players will be able to take part in the sci-fi commerce industry building game that features a player-based economy, galactic expansion when necessary, random events, player run cities, and much more.