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The PAX East 2013 Awards

Garrett Fuller Posted:
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This year at PAX East 2103 we had a host of solid games to look at. Many had playable demos on the show floor and some had amazing things to show off in panels and presentations. Overall we want to thank every game at the show for bringing us out and allowing us time to play. So without further chatter, let’s get to the MMORPG.com PAX East 2013 Awards.

Editor's Note: Each game can only win one award (though they may be nominated in others), with Best of Show being awarded to the game we believe to embody the most out of each category.

Best of Show – Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online finally unleashed a playable build for the fans on the show floor. The wait time kicked into about three and a half hours just minutes after the doors opened. The team did an amazing job of talking to fans and keeping everyone in line happy. It was clear after players walked out of the booth that ESO has something special coming when they launch. Overall the gameplay won our team over for Elder Scrolls Online. The fact that it was such a strong combination of Skyrim-styled combat mixed with MMO staples really captured our attention. It was clear from the players and our team’s reaction that Elder Scrolls Online was Best of Show at PAX East. We cannot wait to see what they show at E3.

Nominees – WildStar, Marvel Heroes Online, FireFall, NeverWinter, Elder Scrolls Online

Best Hybrid MMO – DayZ

Dean and crew were on hand to show some of the updates they are making to the DayZ standalone and it just blew fans away. There are so many great aspects to this game we had to give it Best Hybrid MMO (FPS+MMO). The panel was packed and we felt bad for the people who couldn’t get in, but don’t worry we have the video on FPSGuru! It could really be the perfect survival horror game when all is said and done. We wish Dean and his team all the best in getting this officially launched and into the public’s hands.

Rising Star – Marvel Heroes Online

Marvel Heroes Online is getting closer to take off. Each time we see the game and play the beta we are impressed with what the team continues to improve. Not only did the team announce their launch for June 4th this year, they are launching with PvP in the game as well. They also have added boss run features at end game levels to give players lots of challenges once they get their characters up to speed in the Action RPG meets MMO. Knowing that they have access to so many Marvel characters for the future gives them a lot to add once launch hits.  It may not be what everyone once hoped for from a Marvel MMO, but we’ll be damned if it isn’t fun.

Most Innovative – WildStar

WildStar made an amazing impact with fans this year at PAX East. The game just started showing its true colors and everyone stopped to check out the in-depth sci-fi lore and take a spin with the game itself. Jeremy Gaffney and crew really have outdone themselves. The game offers such a fresh take on classes and ideas, showing that Carbine Studios is thinking outside the box on so many levels. The demo we saw showed off an amazing player-housing system which ties into your character’s story, buffs, and social network (more on that later this week). We are really looking forward to what WildStar has up its sleeves in the coming months. Just the idea of zones with different gravity levels made us ask a ton of questions. With its wildly charismatic character and innovative design, WildStar really has the potential to shake things up in the genre.

Most Anticipated – Neverwinter

PAX East, Dungeons & Dragons, and Forgotten Realms are like a match made in heaven. Throw that into an MMO and Neverwinter shined on the show floor. Fans lined up to check out the game and try out the dungeon crawls we all have seen in beta. Last year’s Best of Show has become this year’s Most Anticipated as the game heads into launch. Just waiting on that elusive date for this title has a lot of us hungry, especially with features like built-in voice-chat in parties, player-generated quests and campaigns, and some serious Forgotten Realms lore imbedded into the game. 



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