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The Best of 2015

By William Murphy on December 11, 2015 | Awards | Comments

The Best of 2015

Best MMO Expansion or DLC – GW2: Heart of Thorns / Runners Up – FXIV: Heavensward, SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire

Heart of Thorns, the first expansion to Guild Wars 2, divided players with its many changes. But one thing’s for sure, it’s one of the most complete expansions to an MMORPG in years. Every facet of the game was touched, polished, tweaked, or overhauled. More shockingly, most of the changes were for the better! ArenaNet says that Heart of Thorns is all about laying the groundwork for what’s to become of their MMO sequel.

Best RPG Expansion or DLC – Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone / Runner Up – Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser

The Witcher 3’s first expansion is at least 10 hours of additional story, new mechanics, new items, new hunts, new missions, and it all only cost $10. Most games would charge three times the amount CD Projekt Red charged for its multi-award winning RPG expansion. But that’s just the kind of studio CDPR is, and it’s telling that their ethical and customer-first stance on making games shines right on through to just how wonderfully they craft RPGs. Which brings us to our favorite RPG of 2015…

Best RPG of 2015 – The Witcher 3 / Runner Up – Fallout 4

Sure, the talk of the town towards the end of 2015 turned to the Boston Wasteland, but the most immersive, intense, cinematic, and engrossing role-playing game we’ve played ages was none other than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s not a perfect game, but it’s about as close as you can come with such a massive experience. We’re just glad to find out that there’s now a Witcher 4 coming too. We’d be sad to see Geralt go.

Best MMO of 2015 – The Elder Scrolls Online / Runners Up – WildStar, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, FFXIV

As we stated at the start of this award season, 2015 was all about the existing games getting better, delivering content, and expanding both in terms of content and player-base. In our eyes, no other game has done more to improve its lot and deliver on the wants of its players than Elder Scrolls Online.  Not only did Zenimax manage to launch ESO on XB1 and PS4 this year, but they also converted their game to the more viable Buy to Play model. Since then, two massive DLC packs have been released, bringing the Imperial City to life in ESO and just recently the lost Orc city of Orsinium.  Since its launch, ESO has done nothing but improve, and we wish all MMORPGs would follow such an aggressive and confident march towards delivering the best possible experience to their players. Cheers to Zenimax Online for Elder Scrolls Online’s banner year.

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