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Reader's Choice 2005: Run-Offs

Dana Massey Posted:
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Run-Off Voting Begins in the PvP and Story Categories

Recently we completed voting in the seven categories of our 2005 Reader's Choice Awards. Today, based on write-in support for two games, we are holding run-off votes that will last one week in two categories.

In PvP, we received a barrage of email asking why EVE Online was not included. We agreed. Its omission was an oversight and as such it joins the top two vote-getters from the first round of voting - Dark Age of Camelot and Guild Wars - in a Run-Off to claim the award.

In Story, many people also noted Asheron's Call had been left off the ballot. Again, this was an oversight. As such, we have entered it in with the top four vote-getters from that category - all of which were virtually tied after the first round of voting - in a run-off. Anarchy Online, City of Villains / Heroes, Star Wars Galaxies and The Saga of Ryzom are all up for the award as well.

Click through to the next two pages to cast your votes. Voting closes next Friday. Awards will be announced on Monday, January 16th.

You can comment on these awards here.

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Dana Massey