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Player's Choice Awards - The Best MMO of 2016

William Murphy Posted:
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In our third and final Player's Choice Award for 2016, we're asking you to pick your top overall MMO of the year that was. Read on, add your vote, and prepare to argue!

This category has a few rules this year. First, we only listed 10 nominees, chosen by staff, plus the OTHER category. If you vote Other, be SURE actually vote for OTHER in the poll, then comment ONCE with your preferred game that's not on the poll. Duplicate votes from the same accounts or IP addresses will be disqualified. Additionally, each hand-picked nominee by staff is on this list because we think they had an exemplary year for one reason or another. There are plenty of games that had a great 2016. Heck, we left out Pokemon Go and the Division, even Destiny - which we consider to be MMOs (even if non-traditional). So if you'd like your game counted, be sure to click OTHER, vote, and then add your nominee in the comments!

Now, onto the voting! As always, we'll be watching for odd trends and scrubbing the data when voting closes next Monday at 2pm ET - 11am PT. Make your selection, and let's see who comes out on top.


The Best Overall MMO of 2016

2.4% » Asheron''''s Call - Farewell
13.7% » Black Desert Online - Launch and Updates
2.2% » Blade and Soul - Launch and Updates
32.1% » Elder Scrolls Online - One Tamriel
4.2% » EVE Online - Alpha Clone Update
9.3% » Final Fantasy XIV - Content Updates
9.4% » Guild Wars 2 - Season 3
4.4% » Other - Reply to Add Entry
1.1% » Rift - Starfall Prophecy
6.0% » Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Eternal Throne
15.2% » World of Warcraft - Legion

(Voting is now closed. Final results are shown.)


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