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PAX West 2016 – Best of Show Awards

William Murphy Posted:
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The time of year for PAX West has come and gone, and I’ll probably never stop secretly calling it PAX Prime. That said, we saw a lot of great games at the show this year, so it’s time to dust off the Award Plaques and hand ‘em out to those we deem worthy. This is page 2 of our PAX West 2016 awards. Click HERE to go back and see the first half!

Best RPGTorment: Tides of Numenera (InXile)

We played some great RPGs at PAX West, including the incredible Divinity: Original Sin 2 (which is also really damned good). But Torment: Tides of Numenera’s first hands-on gameplay with the nearly finished campaign was nothing short of phenomenal. Combining the beautiful hand-drawn world style of Pillars of Eternity with the insanely inventive writing and world building of InXile and well… you have a recipe for success. Pitch in great strategic turn-based combat, dozens of hours of content, and you’ve got the makings of an instant classic. Let’s hope the final game plays as well as the first 40 minutes.

Most AnticipatedGuild Wars 2's Ember Bay

Guild Wars 2 has had a rock road since launching Heart of Thorns. Though initially critically lauded for its brave changes to Tyria, eventually the polish wore off and only now is ArenaNet getting the game back to where it belongs. Ember Bay’s new zone, with the return of heart quests (now repeatable too), armor and weapon skins you can earn in game and not just buy on the store, and open world content in general has us believing that the rest of the Living World season will wind up truly sensational. Let’s hope we’re right.

Best of ShowRift: The Starfall Prophecy

Rift’s next expansion, The Starfall Prophecy, looks nothing short of fantastic. With loads of new systems, great progression options, new dungeons, a new raid, and the epic conclusion of the Ahnket storyline… well, we’re pretty stoked. The fact that this expansion brings Rift back to a one-price-gets-all model for the content is also a welcome boon. We watched as droves of people passed Trion’s booth on the floor, asking about the content on Rift’s monitors and how they could grab it. Sure, Warcraft had a massive booth nearby, but Rift was getting more and more people to perk up and take notice. Something it hasn’t done with the average gamer since its launch. Here’s hoping Trion can ride that interest into the title’s release later this fall. 


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