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MMORPG.com’s Best of 2018 Awards

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The new year is upon us, and that can only mean one thing. Time for us to look back at the year that was while bracing for the year ahead and recount the best (and worst) games we played during the last twelve months. The entire writing staff of MMORPG.com was polled for this year’s awards, and each game that won had a majority vote in its favor. Early next week, we’ll be taking these categories and more and opening them up for the Player’s Choice Awards 2018. For now, sit back, and see what we thought!


Runners-Up: Fallout 76, WildStar Closing, Atlas, Battle for Azeroth

While there was no shortage of MMO bummers this year, our staff all agreed that the underwhelming Early Access launch and “5 years too late” release of Bless Online was the biggest letdown of the year. It’s not that Bless is a bad game, so much as it’s just way too late to the party to make the impact it could have several years ago. Here’s hoping 2019 has a lot few contenders for this award.


Runners-Up: PUBG, Battlerite Royale

Replacing our MOBA category, as the new online gaming darling genre, we’ve elected to do a Battle Royale category this year. And the winner, to probably no one’s surprise is Fortnite. Giant, absolutely massive cultural phenomenon that it is, Fortnite: Battle Royale is also simply the best and most robust and evolving game in this fledgling genre. It’s still technically in beta, isn’t it? And yet, we’ve seen Thanos, the Cube, the Meteor and so much more help keep the game fresh while it maintains the biggest spotlight and audience in all of gaming. Even if you don’t play it, it’s hard to avoid it or knock it down.


Runner-Up: Anthem

The “pseudo-MMO” is here to stay it seems, and 2019 is shaping up to be a big year for them with Anthem, The Division 2, Scavengers, Skull and Bones and more on their way. The promise of a refined and less-wintery Division is what has our team most excited, and we look forward to finding out what Ubi Massive has in store for their big third person shooter RPG sequel.

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Suzie Ford

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