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Games:785's Best of 2017 Awards

By Suzie Ford on December 21, 2017 | Awards | Comments's Best of 2017 Awards


This one won by a landslide. While arguments continue to rage over whether or not D2 should have been D1: The New Expansioning and Now on PC Too, there’s no denying that Destiny 2 is a great persistent online shooter. It’s basically creating a new subgenre of the MMO, with games like Anthem and the reported online-ified Borderlands 3 coming out in the next few years. Destiny 2 and Bungie are rolling right along, listening to fan feedback, and 2018 looks bright for the MMO loot shooter. Let’s see what the Traveler has instore for us next.


It’s a crime that WildStar isn’t more popular. Honestly. Even at launch, this one was a heckuva MMORPG, with style that is heretofore unmatched, and some truly rich and compelling features that make it far more than another quest grinding theme park. While Carbine works on something new, and WildStar didn’t meet expectations, we’re all sitting here wishing that one day it’ll get the respect it deserves.

BEST RPG OF 2017 - Divinity: Original Sin 2

As if the highest score we’ve ever given an RPG wasn’t indication enough, Larein Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin 2 is something amazing. Not only can you get a hundred hours of joy from this by yourself, but you can bring friends, set up a dungeon master mode, play through it in SO. MANY. WAYS. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

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