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MMORPG.com Players' Choice Awards 2023 - VOTE NOW!

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It's that time of year again: Awards season in the games industry. While we'll have Geoff Keighley's World Premiere extravaganza (with some Game Awards) next week to nom on, MMORPG.com's Players' Choice Awards voting is live starting today, so come and vote for who you think was the best of the year.

This year has been one of the best years for games themselves in recent memory, with massive titles like Baldur's Gate 3The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and more launching. It's also been one of the worst for those who make the games, with record numbers of developers affected by layoffs in an industry that seems content to churn through talent faster than it can be replaced. 

While we've seen some stellar releases this year, it's also been a difficult year for PC ports, with so many launching in pitiful states. Many of the Crowdfunded MMOs we've followed for so long also feel nowhere closer to launch, with some games like Pantheon seemingly shooting themselves in the foot with spin-off ideas that didn't quite capture the imagination of their community. 

We also saw quite a few MMO expansions launch this year, from Guild Wars 2's Secrets of the Obscure, the recently launched The Lord of the Rings Online: Corsairs of Umbar, New World: Rise of the Angry Earth, and more (EVE Online even launched two in a calendar year). We also saw the Cozy MMO and other adjacent games come into their own a bit, with Singularity6's Palia getting off to a decent, if not somewhat rocky, start. 

As always, we've detailed the best (and also worst) in the industry of MMOs and RPGs for you, the reader, to vote on. This year is a little different: we've got a metric ton of games in our Most Anticipated category because we could not whittle it down enough, and we've added some new categories this year: Best Cozy Game of 2023 and Best MMORPG Expansion of 2023.

We've kept long-time categories like Best Persistent World, Best Battle Royale, and more. Best ARPG, which we spun up last year, sees a return, as does the Best Survival MMO. 

And as always, we've retained our Biggest Disappointment award in a year that was full of plenty.

While we floated ideas of how to handle the Game of the Year award this year, based on feedback and more thought, we kept it as is - separate categories for Best MMORPG of the Year (the Game of the Year for our site), and the Best RPG of 2023. While it would have been easy to just do a combined award, as a site focused mostly on MMOs (it's in the name, after all), we felt it was best to maintain the GotY as strictly an MMO. Plus, this format has served us well for the last half decade  - so why reinvent the wheel?

We are once again using a Google Form that will require a login to verify people are voting only once. We will not be collecting email addresses with this form.

Each response will be tallied, including the responses in the "Other" fields for those awards that include it, just in case there is something we missed that you want to recognize (I guarantee there is). Voting will end at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, December 14th, with the results revealed on Friday, December 15th.

Happy voting!


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