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MMORPG.com Players' Choice Awards 2022 - VOTE NOW!

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It's that time again: the MMORPG.com Players' Choice Awards! Awards season is taking over the games industry, and this is our time to recognize the best (and biggest disappointments) of the year that was. 

As always, we've detailed the best in the industry from RPGs, Persistent Online Worlds, Most Improved MMO and more. We've also expanded our awards to include Best Mobile MMO, Best Indie MMO, and a separate category for Survival and ARPG games we cover. As with last year, we've kept our expansive view of the "Biggest Disappointment" to include the games and some of the biggest disappointing stories to come out of the MMO-world this year. 

We are using Google Forms once again for the voting, and it will require a log-in to ensure that we are only voting once. We will not be collecting email addresses with this form.

Each response also has an "Other" field, just in case there is something we missed that you want to recognize. We'll be tallying those as well and compiling similar responses to add into the final vote tally.

Voting will end at 11:59pm PT on December 14th, with results being revealed on Friday, December 16th. Happy Voting!


MMORPG.com Staff