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MMOFTW - The Best of E3 2012 Awards

William Murphy Posted:
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Every year, it seems like E3 goes through a complete overhaul. This year, instead of being about games, the main focus seemed to be booth-babes and bloody executions. Luckily, there was actually one area where games seemed to matter and diversity and attempts in innovations were actually present: MMOs. This year’s show was actually a fairly strong one for the MMO, despite folks like NCsoft and Blizzard not being in attendance. When all was said and done, we sat down to figure out just which titles stood out the most to us, and which ones deserved special distinction in our five award categories. Watch the special edition of MMOFTW to see which game took home our Game of Show at E3 2012.

RISING STAR NOMINEE: Age of Wushu, Raiderz

BEST HYBRID MMO NOMINEE: End of Nations, Defiance

MOST INNOVATIVE NOMINEE: Gameglobe, Pirate 101

MOST ANTICIPATED NOMINEE: Planetside 2, Elder Scrolls Online

GAME OF SHOW NOMINEE: Elder Scrolls Online, Rift: Storm Legion


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