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Finalist Voting Opens

Dana Massey Posted:
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The second annual awards are down to the finalists... make your vote count!

Late last month, we released open voting across seven categories to secure our nominees for the 2006 Reader's Choice Awards. The votes are in and now it's time to pick the winner. In each of the seven categories, we took the most significant vote-getters from each category as chosen by you the fans.

Here are our seven categories:

  • Favorite Graphics: Won last year by EVE Online, this category was open to all games on the market, but only two survived the first round of voting.
  • Favorite PvE: World of Warcraft was selected by our readers last year as their Favorite PvE Experience. Do they have what it takes to retain the crown? This category, again, was open to all games in commercial service, but again, only two made it to the finals.
  • Favorite PvP: EVE Online was your favorite PvP experience last year. Did a year change anything? Once again, two made it to the last round..
  • Favorite Story: The Saga of Ryzom pulled off an upset victory last year. Now, with the Ryzom Ring can they retain their crown as the favorite world/role-playing/backstory of any released MMORPG on our list? Three games challenge.
  • Most Anticipated: Open to all games that have yet to launch, last year's winner Dungeons and Dragons Online has hit the market. Who will take home the crown this year? An amazing six games will duke it out.
  • Favorite New Game: This category is from a list of games that launched to commercial service in 2006 and is the only new category in this year's awards. Who, if anyone, deserves the crown?
  • Favorite Game: Finally, from among those games on the market, what is your favorite MMORPG? Last year, the voters said EVE. Will it be them or a challenger with the trophy?
Based on your votes, we will release the names of the winners in each category later this month. Each of the nominees represents one of the top vote getters in the preliminary round of voting. The entries are arranged in alphabetical order. If a game is not nominated for a category, it means it did not receive enough votes to qualify from the original round. To qualify, a game must have received over 10% of the initial vote.

To vote, click on the links above or simply scroll through the next seven pages.


Dana Massey