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2010 Awards: Biggest Disappointment

Drew Wood Posted:
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You know the drill. In order to qualify for this category, a game must have, in some form, let down the people who anticipated, played or paid for it. MMORPG.com staff came together and discussed our options and we emerged with the nominees below.

This year, our categories are: Game of the Year, New Game of the Year, Most Innovative, Most Improved, Best F2P, Favorite Company, Biggest News Story, Most Anticipated, and the newest, and most dubious, addition to our prizes, Biggest Disappointment.

All-Points Bulletin

Maybe it was the mixed reviews upon its release. Maybe it was the lack of anything new and exciting. Maybe it was the subscription model. Whatever it was, very few were satisfied with what APB had to offer. A pay-to-play free-roam shooter that collapsed after only a few months, APB never quite hit the mark.

Final Fantasy XIV

Square Enix has a very devoted fanbase, many of whom believe the company can do no wrong. Maybe not so much this time. Pretty much universally panned upon its release, FFXIV seems to have suffered from an early release, the common complaint being that it could've used additional time in development. No one denies the potential of the game, but the “final” product leaves little to be desired.

Star Trek Online

Gene Roddenberry created a phenomenon in 1966. Scores of devoted fans, known as Trekkers, roam the globe speaking the gospel of Kirk, Picard... and the others, I suppose. So why did Star Trek Online underperform? Maybe it was trying to do too much with epic space battles and land elements. Maybe it didn't pull either element off as well as it should have.

Mortal Online

Maybe it was the buggy installation of the game that turned players off. Maybe it was the buggy gameplay. Maybe it was the lack of content. PvP and PvP alone does not an MMO, make. People who love the game truly do love it, in spite of its flaws, but MO, perhaps like no other game on this list, has truly split the crowd.

2010 In General

Is explanation really needed on this one? Yes, 2010 gave us Cataclysm and some pretty big flagship titles based on well-known IPs, but overall, the year just hasn't been all that good. The potential on the horizon is great, and we always have 2011 to look forward to, but every now and then a year just falls short. 2010 could very well have been that year.

Now it's your turn!

2010 Awards: Biggest Disappointment

39.4% » 2010 in General
7.6% » All Points Bulletin
25.3% » Final Fantasy XIV
6.0% » Mortal Online
21.7% » Star Trek Online

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