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2006 Reader's Choice Award Winners

Jon Wood Posted:
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Favorite Game of 2006: EVE Online

Perhaps not surprisingly, EVE Online completes its sweep of the categories for which it was nominated as it picks up our final award for Favorite overall game. Its familiar competition, World of Warcraft (33%), picked up less than half the number of votes that our winner, EVE (67%), managed to grab.

EVE Online’s fan base showed this year that they support their game not only with their subscription dollars and hours of time, but also in our awards. With the recent announcement that CCP has merged with PnP powerhouse White Wolf, as well as the addition of recent and upcoming expansions, this sci-fi game doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

All in all, congratulations to CCP and EVE Online for their excellent performance this year. EVE Online is clearly an MMORPG to remember.

We'll return again nextbyear witha new system, so start thinking about your votes for the 2007 Reader's Choice Awards!


Jon Wood