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2005 Reader's Choice Awards

Dana Massey Posted:
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The Reader's Get To Pick In Seven Categories

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Voting has now closed (1pm EST, January 6th, 2006) on all categories. Run-off voting in the PvP and story categories begins on January 7th. Final totals will be released on Monday January 16th, after run-off categories conclude.

This year we hope to begin two annual traditions. The MMORPG.com Annual Awards and the MMORPG.com Annual Reader's Choice Awards. Today we begin with the Reader's Choice Awards. The Staff of MMORPG.com has carefully selected nominees in seven key categories and now open the floor to you to cast your votes. In six of these categories we've selected five nominees, but we could not limit it to that few for one. In "Most Anticipated" we have 12 candidates.

The categories are:

Over each of the next seven pages you will find information on the category and each of the nominees. Finally, you will be asked to vote at the bottom of each page. We eagerly await the results. Voting will close on January 6th.

Editor's Note (12/27/05): Based on reader feedback we will be holding run-offs in the "PvP" and "Story" categories the week after voting closes in the initial round with EVE and Asheron's Call included respectively. We thank you for your feedback. You can read the full announcement on this here.


Dana Massey