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Atlas Sails Onto Xbox One October 8th, Will Have Cross Play With PC

By Joseph Bradford on September 25, 2019 | News | 0

Grapeshot Games' pirate MMO Atlas is setting sail finally for Xbox One, and it's releasing rather soon. The MMO will hit Xbox One on October 8th. More interestingly, Atlas will include cross play with PC players.

Made by many of the same devs who worked on Studio Wildcard's hit game Ark: Survival Evolved, Atlas is an open world survival, pirate themed MMORPG that sees players creating guilds and building bases, claiming land and then fighting over said land claims, and more importantly - building massive pirate ships to sail the world. After multiple delays and an experience that includes an outrageous grind to get anything done, Atlas has seen its player base go from a peak of almost 60K concurrent players to just over 1500, according to Steamcharts.

Grapeshot Games is certainly hoping the Xbox release can inject some life into the MMO, as it will hit Microsoft's console on October 8th. Moreover, it will include cross play with PC, so it could be a way to bring new life to the waters of Atlas. You can check out more on the Atlas website. Additionally, the team was on Inside Xbox yesterday talking about the upcoming Xbox Version. Be sure to catch the archive on Mixer.


Joseph Bradford

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