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Atlas -  Not What Anyone Was Expecting

Is it fair that Grapeshot Games is charging folks for a game so early in its development cycle without warning of its crude state? On a broader note, is the whole Early Access system being abused?

The Wars in Atlas

Atlas came on the scene recently as one of the wildest MMO stories in years. Out of nowhere ARK creators launched their MMO which had pirates, islands, and all kinds of crazy technology for players to battle it out. However the communities are forming up on either side in a warfare that looks similar to EVE Online.

Atlas: Barefoot, Naked & Underwhelmed

Seemingly out of nowhere in the 11th hour of 2018 the creators of Ark - that game you either love or hate - dropped a bomb on the MMO world in the form of ATLAS. An MMO in the truest sense of the word boasting up to 40,000 simultaneous players on a single server and not to mention pirate themed. The instant hype was real and players were queueing up for a Sean Murphy level let down by the thousands.

Atlas - Misrepresented

ATLAS went into early access this last week, and it wasn’t a smooth show by any means. Red Thomas takes a look at the game post-madness and explores why some of the early reviews may be wrong about the game.