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Atlas Articles

Atlas Reduces Player Character Level Cap in Latest Patch v404.5

The latest patch notes for Atlas are here and touch on, among other things, reducing the player character level cap.

ALTAS Xbox One Launch Delayed, Issue Resolved But ETA Unknown

It looks like the launch of ATLAS on Xbox One has been delayed due to a now resolved issue. The ETA for launch is unknown at this point.

Atlas Dev Kit Now Available Through Epic Games Launcher

If you're looking for the Atlas dev kit for development purposes and things, well, it's now available on the Epic Games launcher.

Atlas Preps For PC And Xbox Cross Play With Massive Wipe, Adjustments

In preparation for PC and Xbox cross play, ATLAS is updating with massive wipes and adjustments ahead of time.

Atlas Sails Onto Xbox One October 8th, Will Have Cross Play With PC

Grapeshot Games' pirate MMO Atlas is setting sail finally for Xbox One, and it's releasing rather soon. The MMO will hit Xbox One on October 8th. More interestingly, Atlas will include cross play with PC players.

Atlas Unveils New Roadmap to Right The Ship, Shares Details on Xbox Launch

A news post outlines roadmap details for Atlas, as well as sharing some details for the Xbox launch.

ATLAS Receives New Map From ISO, Dubbed Blackwood

In a press release, ATLAS received a new free DLC in the form of a new map, Blackwood.

ATLAS Receiving Wild Pirate Encampments, Non Dedicated Mode, And More In New Update

In a new Captain's Log, Grapeshot Community Lead, Dollie, laid out a host of new features arriving in ATLAS in an upcoming update.

Atlas Devs Prepping Single Player Mode for Mid-July Beta Testing

The Atlas site has been updated with a preview of Mega Update 3. There are no definitive plans for release, but devs are providing players a peek at new content. When the update launches, it will come with an array of new islands and Discoveries, new sail skins, the new Sea Horse creature, and the ISO: Blackwood standalone map. Lastly, a single player mode is in the works that will not require running a server in the background.

Atlas Players Can Soon Set Sail for New Discoverable Areas & a PTR

Atlas will be receiving an update soon to bring more content into the game in the form of five new explorable islands alongside the Ice Dungeon. The islands will be placed away from currently existing land masses, but a map will be shown prior to deployment so that players can move their ships or risk having them destroyed.

The Hoppening Sets Sail in Atlas as the Empire Server Shuts Down

The latest Atlas patch notes have been published to bring a new in-game event to players as well as to inform the community that the Empire Server has been shut down and replaced with a North American PvE network. The PvE network will utilize the Colonies system, but devs have committed to supporting both "open-ended PvP and more controlled, rule-based PvP".

Atlas v1.5 Launches 'A Whole New World of Adventure'

Cheesy "Aladdin" reference aside, the v1.5 update has launched for Atlas. Developers say that the game "has been revised and re-envisioned" based on a cumulative three months of live feedback since the game launched. It is, according to the Steam post, the largest updates anyone in the company has ever worked on. Notable reworks include the Claim System, changes to official server, an expanded world map, the addition of more islands including a new biome and much more.

Atlas Developers Update the Community on Adjustments to the Claim System

Later in March, Atlas developers will be deploying a major update to the game that will make some fundamental changes to the game. In the latest Captain's Log, the community is updated on the progress and informed of some adjustments that have been made as development has progressed. Claims, in particular, will be tweaked again after the community spoke out about previously announced changes. "The overwhelmingly clear message was a desire to retain some form of a claiming system."

Next Atlas Update Will be a Big One, But It Won't Be Here Until March

The Atlas team has published the latest "Captain's Log" to update players on plans for the next major update to the game. It begins with a note about recent patches that have brought about changes to the game to simplify and reduce the "steepness of the climb necessary to experience some of the later game content". From there, the letter discusses changes coming with specific regard to land ownership and protection and introduces the ISO Blackwood map coming with the March update.

The Atlas 'Golden Age of Piracy' Will Make the Game Friendlier to Soloists & Smaller Groups

The Atlas site has been updated with a new post from the dev team called "The Golden Age of Piracy" that speaks to community feedback on the game being "tailored to large companies, alpha groups, and hardcore players" rather than to smaller groups or individuals. The team is committed to working with the community to "make the game less punishing and reduce the steep climb required for players to reach the parts of the game which make it special".