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Atlas Rogues Gets New Characters, New Talents, Stability Fixes and More

In the latest update for Atlas Rogues two new characters join the rest of the freelancers, Nix and Aurora. New talents, a new mission type and new massive maps have been added for all Trusts.

Is Atlas Rogues Just Atlas Reactor All Over Again... and Again? | Atlas Rogues Early Access Impressions

When Gamigo announced that Atlas Rogues, a game based in the same universe of a Trion Worlds venture known as Atlas Reactor, you could almost feel the simultaneous eyebrow raises of former Atlas Reactor players rippling across the RPG community. When the first trailers finally rolled out for Atlas Rogues, primarily using cut footage from the original Atlas Reactor teaser, with largely similar looking gameplay, my reaction was a quizzical squint and trepidatious nod. After several lengthy bouts o

Atlas Rogues Hits Early Access Today - Recalls Atlas Reactor Gameplay

Last year, Gamigo's Atlas Reactor shut down, which certainly disappointed whatever fans the game managed to garner in its short tenure on the market. Suddenly, Atlas Rogues was announced, and although it was being slated as a new game, Atlas Rogues brings back that old Reactor feeling, in more ways than one.

Gamigo Officially Announces Atlas Rogues with Announcement Trailer - Early Access November 18th

We reported last week that Atlas Rogues, a turn-based co-op roguelike game in the same universe as Atlas Reactor was in development. Now, Gamigo has officially announced that upcoming title with an announcement trailer.

Gamigo Announces New Game in Atlas Universe - Atlas Rogues

Gamigo has announced a new game Atlas Rogues, a turn-based 4-player PvE tactic game. In the Reddit announcement, they reveal some of the game's features, along with a separate megathread where they intend to answer the community's questions.