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Nexon Reveals the Stormcaller

The Nexon team has released a terrific new video featuring Atlantica Online's Stormcaller, a new character in the game. The Stormcaller has been brought back to life but is devoid of her abilities and history. It's up to her to discover those things which are missing. Check out the new video!

Australia Discovery

Atlantica Online players can now venture to the Land Down Under thanks to the Australia discovery update. Check out the cities of Perth and Sydney as well as take part in epic PvP-prep battles in three brand new dungeons. The team sent out a new video to show off Australia so check it out, mate! Crikey!

Rise of Atlantis Judgment Trailer

Nexon has teamed up with MMORPG.com to bring our viewers an exclusive first look at the final installment of the Atlantica Online: Rise of Atlantis update. The final part is called "Judgement" and features a trio of dungeons, Alcatraz Basement, Mt. Huaguo Temple, and Garden of Life's Song. In addition, the video spotlights great new armor, weapons and terrifying new bosses. Judgement is expected to go live in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out this great video!

Ascension Tips & Tricks

This brand new exclusive Atlantica Online video shows off the new content in the Ascension update released late last week. This video gives tips and strategies on how to take on the new raid dungeon, how to gain the new centaur mercenary, and details of the new class talents. Check it out!

Rise of Atlantis Ascension Trailer

Atlantica Online players will want to log into the game to check out the outer reaches of the city of Atlantis itself. There is a new dungeon in which to wage war that is, according to the dev team, not to be missed. To celebrate the release, Nexon has sent out a brand new trailer. Enjoy!

New Classes Tips

Last week, Atlantica Online was updated and two new classes were brought into the game. The Battle Mage and Blade Master classes are now available and Nexon has sent out a terrific new video with some game play tips for those ready to try them out. Enjoy!

Rise of Atlantis: Awakening Walkthrough Video

Nexon has teamed up with MMORPG.com to bring the world the first-ever walkthrough of Atlantis, a new zone that will be included in the next Atlantica Online patch. You'll get a tour of Atlantis and a look at one of the new raids, Forgotten City. Check it out!


MMORPG.com has teamed up with the Atlantica Online team to give our readers a first-ever look at the forthcoming update to the game that will bring the city of Antillia online along with an epic storyline to prevent disaster from descending. Heroes join up with an ancient Atlantian to stop Atlantis's most precious secrets from falling into the wrong hands.

Elements of War - Rin Trailer

http://atlantica.nexon.net/ Check out all of the exciting new content in Atlantica's Elements of War - Rin update.

Mwindo the Mercenary

Mwindo is an African sorceress that players can hire as a mercenary during their travels through Atlantica Online.