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Atlantica Online Articles

Introducing The Punisher!

NDoors provides us with our third exclusive reveal of one of the game's new mercenaries. This week we learn all about The Punisher.

The Minstrel

The team from Atlantica Online returns with another developer journal. This time, they introduce us to the game's Minstrel class.

The Van Gogh Dungeon

The team from NDoors' Atlantica Online has sent along another developer journal focusing on an area of this game. This week, they give us a look at the new Van Gogh dungeon, focusing on the works of the famous painter.

Tactical Battle System

This week's Atlantica Online developer journal comes from Product manager Teddy kim and focuses on the game's tactical battle system.

Public Test Server

Atlantica Online Product Manager Teddy Kim writes this developer journal detailing the implementation of the game's new public test server.

Discussing the Upcoming Patch

Teddy Kim, Atlantica Online Product Manager, writes this week's MMORPG.com developer journal about the game's upcoming patch.

The Hwarang

The Atlantica Online team is using their most recent developer journal here at MMORPG.com to talk about their newest Mercenary, The Hwarang.

Quest Building

The Atlantica Online team continues its series of bi-weekly MMORPG.com developer journals with this entry from Orion Al-Shamma-Jones about quests in the game.

On the Upcoming Patch

In the latest developer journal from the folks at Atlantica Online, Lead Game Designer Joon Kyung Oh talks about what players can expect in the game's next patch.

Localization and Balance

The team at NDoors has sent along another of their bi-weekly developer journals. This time, Localization Coordinator Orion Al-Shamma-Jones discusses balance and how it is affected by localization from the Korean market to the North American.

Disecting the GDC Experience

Atlantica Online Community Manager Rio Hartwell uses this developer blog to talk about their team's experience presenting at their first Game Developers Conference back in March.

Localization: Taking on the Titan Server

Orion Al-Shamma-Jones, Localization Coordinator for Atlantica Online steps in and wirtes this week's Atlantica Online Dev Journal, talking about localizing the new Titan server in the game, which gives players more places to go, more content, and lots of competition.

Tips for Players

Atlantica Online's Kim Tae Gon writes another new developer journal. This time, he's giving us some pointers on how we can become more strategic Altnatica Online players.

Making a Strategic Game - Planning Ahead

Atlantica Online's Kim Tae Gon shares his thoughts on developing a strategic game in this newest edition of their bi-weekly developer journal.


Atlantica Online's Kim Tae Gon writes another in our series of bi-weekly developer journals. This one focuses on the dungeons in the game.