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    Salty Games
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    11/22/16 (11/22/2016)
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Asteroids: Outpost Overview

Asteroids: Outpost is a sci-fi survival RPG inspired by the 1979 space shooter classic Asteroids. The player takes on the role of a space miner in the asteroid belt. With the need to build and survive, the open world, sandbox game features harsh terrain, exploration, resource collection, crafting, building, and ultimately, expansion, in order to survive and thrive out in deep space. Players must also build alliances as well as defend their bases from both other players and potential disasters. As a nod to the original game, asteroid showers threaten players' bases and can be shot down.

  • Atari's Classic Reimagined as Sandbox | Asteroids may be a part of games history, but the harsh space environments will challeng players' survival in this sandbox sci-fi survival game.
  • Explore, Mine, Craft, & Defend | Explore the environment in the asteroid belt and face its many challenges. Utilize resources and ore to create tools and even craft your base. The classic asteroid threat is not so far away, either.
Gameplay Trailer Released

Atari has released a brand new game play trailer for its forthcoming title, Asteroids Outpost. The video contains over a minutes of pre-alpha footage for your viewing pleasure. Check it out!

Weekly Updates Feature Screens & More

Though the Asteroids: Outpost Community Team calls the game "very much in the alpha state" of development, the game is looking pretty amazing according to new screenshots that are now being posted on a weekly basis. There are also plans for alpha player streams and more screens yet to come as the game works its way to release.