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Astellia Is A Weird New MMO - TheHiveLeader

Astellia is a new MMO coming out soon! And it sure is weird. Ugly demons. Creepy puppets. Fish girls. Sounds like a job for TheHiveLeader!

Astellia - The Colosseum Features Intense PvE Battles

The latest Astellia trailer showcases The Colosseum, an enclosed space where parties of players take on ever-increasingly difficult waves of monsters. The goal is to reduce the number of monsters as quickly as possible which challenges party members to perform their roles successfully. Luckily, resurrection is automatic so players can rejoin the fray.

Astellia Enhancement System Preview

The Astellia team has released both a written and video preview of the Enhancement System, including how the UI functions, what stats can be improved in a player's gear, how dismantling unused items benefits enhancement and how the upgrade process works.

Astellia Online Team Showcases Warrior Character Creation

The Astellia Online YouTube channel has a new trailer that shows off character creation with all of its robust options. In this particular instance, the Warrior class is featured as part of a larger reveal throughout the week.