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Astellia Articles

Astellia Review In Progress - Part 2

In last week’s Astellia Review in Progress, we touched on the first impressions of Astellia based on the gameplay of two different characters. With another week of playing behind us, the good and bad of Astellia has really begun to take shape. Has Barunson E&A Studio put in the work, and made the right moves to make this Korean game palatable to a western audience?

Astellia First Look

Yesterday marked the first day of the Astellia closed beta #1. We were given access to the game for streaming, review videos, and anything you could want to see as you take the first look into a new title. This beta is running until July 1st and it gives us a good chance to break the system. There are two servers with absolutely everyone they can get into them for this purpose. Here is a breakdown of what we saw along with a video review to give you a little pre-show.

Astellia Online – Falling Our Way

Astellia Online is another MMO headed our way from the Asian market, but will it remain an awe-inspiring heavenly body like Halley’s comet or explode on (near) impact like the Tunguska object? Red attends a launch party and endures all forms of hardships to find out for his readers.