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Astellia's Headstart Access Begins Today At 5PM PDT

By Joseph Bradford on September 20, 2019 | News | 0

Astellia  is launching officially on September 27, but those who have  pre-ordered the game can start to filter into the game world as early as this afternoon. Players who purchased a Legendary Pack can begin their journey this afternoon, with the game world opening up to everyone through the course of the next seven days.

In a post on the Astellia website, the team behind the MMORPG details exactly when players will be able to hop into the world of Astellia. Done in waves, the start times will depend on the version of game purchased by the player.

Legendary Pack - Start Date: 9/20 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)? Platinum Pack - Start Date: 9/23 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)? Gold Pack - Start Date: 9/26 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)? Official Launch Start - Start Date: 9/27 @ 5:00pm PDT (2:00 CEST)?

Founder's Packs are still available, so if you want to jump into the action before launch you can do so. Ranging from $99.99 for the Legendary Pack down to $39.99 for the Gold Pack, the packs each offer in-game items to help assist you on your journey. 

Earlier this year, Red Thomas was able to check out Astellia during a closed beta test, and gave his impressions in his weekly column. While on the fence about the game, he mentions he really likes the aesthetic and art style, and that while he has his reservations it's one that's entertaining enough he'll give it a look come launch.

We're just getting started on our review of Astellia and will have impressions and reviews-in-progress soon. 

Full Disclosure: Astellia is represented by Team Critical Hit, a games PR Company co-founded by former MMORPG Managing Editor Bill Murphy.


Joseph Bradford

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