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Astellia Articles

Astellia Developer Diary: Halloween Event Approaches

Hail and well met, Astellians. The time is almost upon us where the spirits of those who have come before descend onto the world of living for a limited time. During this window the veil is thin and sometimes, if you squint your eyes just right, you’ll be able to see our fallen ancestors. Or if you aren’t paying attention you could be turned into worm food by the giant Pumpkin Head!

Astellia Developer Diary: Meet the Mage and the Assassin

When Astellia launches later this summer, it will come packed with exciting, interesting classes that may seem familiar on the surface, but that come with their own unique “Astellia” touch. In our latest developer diary, we’re going to take a look at the Mage, a wily caster who can bring down a world of elemental pain, and the Assassin, a master of lethal deception.

Astellia: Crafting a Brighter Future - Our Exclusive Developer Diary

To craft or not to craft: that is the question everyone asks when starting a new MMORPG. In Astellia we understand that while not all players enjoy crafting content, all can benefit from crafting. What we mean by this is whether you are collecting resources from the field, earning high-end components from dungeons, or buying the finished products off the auction house, crafting has a role in every player experience throughout Astellia.

Astellia Online - The Origins of the Astel Companion System

With the announcement of Astellia’s release into the Western market, we’ve been keeping a close eye on the questions folks have been asking. A whole lot of you have been asking for more details on the origins of Astels, and what these fantastic little companions will do to enhance aspects of your gaming experience in Astellia.