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    Legendary Star Studio
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Ashfall Overview

Ashfall is a post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG developed by Legendary Star Studio. In the future, AI rises up and launches a nuclear war against humanity. After that, nothing other than ruins are left in the world. You must leave the Vault to find the Core of Creation—the key to saving the world.

New missions, locations, and contents will become available as you explore and advance. You will also meet NPCs with distinctive personalities and encounter random events of different natures, all of which will bring much fun to your adventure. Your perceptions and feelings of the real world are accurately reproduced in our world through technologies like motion capture and sound capture. You are part of this world, and every single decision and choice you make may affect the whole story.

Through the combination of elements like the classic shooting-behind-cover function, the phenomenal settings of different instances, hardcore mission challenges and firearms, equipment and buildings with wasteland vibes, we have developed a swift combat system so our players can enjoy the best possible combat experience. You may travel around the world as a lone wolf, or fight alongside your friends to challenge difficult instances and levels. Either way, you will enjoy exploring this wasteland world.

Ashfall’s music will be co-produced by Oscar-winning score composer and music producer Hans Zimmer, Zimmer’s long-term partner and Hollywood music producer Steve Mazzaro, and the music producer of Fallout series, Inon Zur. As players proceed to differnet areas lin the game, they will immerse themselves in the brilliant music and binge on the audio-visual feasts provided by these gurus.


  • Explore the Unknown Wasteland across barren deserts, abandoned towns, old world battlefields, bustling surviver settlements, and more.
  • Realistic and immersive RPG experience including character customization options, a dynamic weather system, and authentic feedback of getting hit during combat.
  • Epic Combat Experiences fighting nasty mutated creatures and even nastier people who block your way.
  • Embark on the adventure with your friends in multiplayer modes, or go at it alone in singleplayer.
Post-Apocalyptic MMO Ashfall Will Begin Cross-Platform Closed Beta on August 3rd

Ashfall will begin its closed beta on August 3rd. NetEase's upcoming post-apocalyptic MMORPG, which will release on PC and mobile, released details on what beta testers can expect.

Opinion: Ashfall MMORPG: A Disappointment in the Making?

Ashfall is an upcoming MMORPG that is being published by NetEase and developed by Legendary Star Studio. It has a post-apocalyptic setting that promises a dynamic weather system, Fallout-style exploration, and more. While there are aspects of the game that make the project very interesting, players are already concerned after looking at the gameplay reveals and NetEase's history with monetization is not doing the game any favors either.

Project 56 Becomes Ashfall, A Shooter MMORPG From NetEase Coming In 2023 To PC and Mobile Devices

NetEase pulled the curtain back on its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG, Ashfall. Previously known as Project 56, Ashfall will be launching on both PC and mobile devices sometime in 2023.