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Ashes of Creation Discusses Scalerunner

Plus a trailer

By Poorna Shankar on March 04, 2020 | News | 0

The Ashes of Creation team have shared the creation of the Scalerunner mount in a recent post.

The post provides some lore for the creature,

“Though embellished somewhat through countless retellings, the core of the tale remains intact. Within a tainted crevasse in a forgotten corner of Verra is said to be a lair of a truly vile creature. A beast of sickly green slithers forth from its hollow, its jaws glinting with venom in the moonlight.”

The Scalerunner is described as a “nightmarish beast” used in tales to frighten children. But in reality, the Scalerunner isn’t a huge threat to soldiers on the ground. The post describes some of the strengths of the Scalerunner,

“Speed is its greatest asset, and it closes the distance to a target with seemingly preternatural agility. Its low profile also helps to make it a difficult target to strike, and its venom ensures no prey can hope to escape. A Scalerunner whose instincts have been honed for battle makes for a terrifying opponent, and luckily for those who must face them, they are a rare sight. The product of this rigorous conditioning is a disciplined but calculating beast with a taste for the blood of its enemies.”


Poorna Shankar

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