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Ashes of Creation Details Upcoming Update, Castle Seiges Outlined Further

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Ashes of Creation has detailed their update on the MMORPG in their latest live stream, and provided a summary of the information in a blog post.

It seems that the castle siege update is close to a playable state, with the team finalizing time to kill relative to the battle royale. Destruction will play a key role as well. The tank/dps/healer trinity will exist in castle siege, while lore is being worked on as well.

Updates were provided on the character and environment teams with new creature work beginning on the MMORPG. New environments like castles are being worked on as well,

“Of the 5 castles in the MMORPG, one of them is the original Dunzenkell Castle (Dunir) which are remnants from the previous age. The 3 nodes around the castle that feed its defences are set apart from the regular nodes out in the world.”

The post concludes with a lengthy Q&A covering off a myriad of topics, with destruction getting some more insight,

“The dynamic tool is the answer for larger scale content so that nodes are not similar/same looking across the world. We want our environment artists to have powerful tools available for these. We will still need one-off and curated buildings, but the tool answers our needs for general things. The destruction system is also built into this and we are testing both right now to see if individual piece destruction or full building destruction is the way to go. Apocalypse was the basic level of this, incredibly un-optimized.”

There will be no friendly fire from teams in castle sieges either, however, falling debris could affect both teams. Finally, it was revealed that the castle siege will be integrated into Apocalypse.


Poorna Shankar

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