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The Mighty Beard - Changing the Way Taverns work in MMOs

By Robert Baddeley on November 07, 2017 | Columns | 0

Most of us are familiar with the tavern or inn within an MMO game world.  It’s generally a last stop before logging off to get rested xp or a first stop when arriving somewhere new to make it your new home.  The Ashes of Creation developers are hoping to make it more; to make it feel like a tavern should: alive. Read on to find out how they plan to accomplish this feat.

In a recent article titled ‘The Mighty Beard’, developers go in depth on how they want the system to work and steps they are taking to really make taverns the place you go to find out what’s going on in the world.  They (boldly, imo) plan to add private voice chat for the tavern to allow you to talk with other tavern goers in real time.  Personally I think this is either going to be wildly successful if the community is good or a complete disaster if we end up with the likes of people who play Rust.  The developers of Ashes of Creation are nothing if not ambitious and it will be interesting to see how well their ideas translate into the game.

  • Quest boards with player-run quests
  • Place and take bounties on infamous players
  • Battle maps with combat benefits
  • Tavern games
  • Rested experience
  • Customization by the owner of the tavern
  • Get information about what’s happening in the world
  • Sit at tables that act as a group finder for harder content

I can’t describe how excited I’ll be if just a handful of these ideas become reality. It should foster a community and interactivity in the game that, in my opinion, we haven’t seen since the days of EverQuest, Ultima Online, Dark Ages of Camelot, etc. Are you hyped? Do you think the developers will be able to pull through or will we be left disappointed? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


Robert Baddeley

Robert got his start at gaming with Mech Warrior on MS DOS back in the day and hasn't quit since. He found his love for MMORPGs when a friend introduced him to EverQuest in 2000 and has been playing some form of MMO since then. After getting his first job and building his first PC, he became mildly obsessed with PC hardware and PC building. He started writing for MMORPG as his first writing gig in 2016. He currently serves in the US Military as a Critical Care Respiratory Therapist.