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Ashes of Creation at PAX West 2018: What I Learned from Steven Sharif & Jeffrey Bard

On the Saturday of PAX shortly after lunch I had what is probably one of the coolest experiences yet since I started writing for MMORPG.com - I got a chance to sit down CEO / Creative Director Steven Sharif and Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Bard to talk about Ashes of Creation, an ambitious upcoming MMORPG that has a good portion of the community waiting on bated breath in anticipation.

February Live Stream: What We Learned

February 9th brought us another Ashes of Creation livestream, giving us a glimpse of the games group content, node events, and more. If you missed it and your curiosity is piqued we got our notes on the hour-long live stream for your reading pleasure!

Friends & Family Live Stream Recap

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the live stream of Ashes of Creation Friends and Family alpha, you really missed out on a wealth of information. We learned a lot from just watching the stream unfold organically, so if you missed it the stream or think you may have missed some information, read on!

City Hall - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

Politics and MMORPGs aren’t things that usually mix well. Every game that tries to bring the player run cities and politics to the gaming world usually ends up with a bunch of toxic people running around killing anything they can get their hands on. It is this reason alone that I am a little wary of the City Hall concept in the upcoming MMORPG Ashes of Creation.

The Mighty Beard - Changing the Way Taverns work in MMOs

Most of us are familiar with the tavern or inn within an MMO game world. It’s generally a last stop before logging off to get rested XP or a first stop when arriving somewhere new to make it your new home. The Ashes of Creation developers are hoping to make it more; to make it feel like a tavern should: alive. Read on to find out how they plan to accomplish this feat.

Why I’m Excited, But Avoiding Hype

Enter Ashes of Creation. Here is a game that is marketing itself to someone in my exact shoes; people missing that wonderment and immersion and most importantly the sense of community that comes from grouping being a primary means of getting things accomplished. A part of me would love nothing more than to run into an area and should ‘camp check’ like my days of yore. Despite my own misgivings I find myself excited at the prospect - which is why I simultaneously try to and try not be.

19,576 Backers Later...

Ashes of Creation ran a wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign, we tasked our grizzled crowd funded MMORPG veteran Timothy Eisen with a post campaign write up that covers victory, some soul searching and some words of experience.

Ashes Crushed KickStarter. What Next?

This week Tim Eisen takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how Ashes of Creation crushed it’s Kickstarter campaign in a single day! He looks at what their Kickstarter performance means and offers some post campaign advice.

Ashes of KickStarter

This week we follow a tale of two Tim’s. One of youthful optimistic naivete and one of aged bitter cynicism. Both offer their take on Ashes of Creation’s impending Kickstarter.

Open Questions Are OK

Let’s get right to that pink polka dotted elephant in the room, how about that trailer? I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I’m always conflicted if not saddened by pre-alpha trailers. Why? Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two from following MMORPG development. One of those things is that pre-alpha, alpha and most of beta are wild cards. By launch it may be that not a thing you saw prior is making the final cut. MMORPGs change as they grow, sometimes substantially, sometimes less so.

Ashes of Creation – Top 5 Mechanics

Today we break down our top five mechanics for the upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation. The game is looking more and more solid every day. With videos and features now hitting the fans, it seems there is a lot to look forward too. Here are our Top 5 mechanics to keep an eye on as Intrepid Studios continues development.

Skeptimistically Impressed

Join our own Tim Eisenzimmer in a stream of consciousness as he muses about a new MMORPG in development and its potential crowd funded campaign.