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    Unreal Engine
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    Intrepid Studios
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Ashes of Creation Overview

Ashes of Creation is an upcoming MMORPG by Intrepid Studios. Set in a backdrop of high fantasy, players will venture into a vast new world to explore and tame the wilderness. Ashes of Creation’s foundational node system means nearly the entirety of the world is built by player choice and actions! No two player experiences will feel the same - every server ebbs and flows with its own unique story and character all based on player choice.


  • Player driven world
    Ashes of Creation’s node system will offer players the unique experience of building the world up around them, but not everyone shares a common view. Every node in Ashes of Creation can be built up or destroyed by player actions. Will you take up arms to defend your home or exact your vengeance on those who dared challenge you?
  • A reactive experience
    Discover unique story arcs as the world unfolds around you - the world grows with the players. The narrative in Ashes of Creation will be an entirely different experience, as storylines will either blossom or wither based on player activity.
  • Player Housing
    Find your own slice of the world to call home! Players in Ashes of Creation will be able to build and own persistent buildings across the world, everything from the humblest farm to the sprawling mega mansion. Be wary though, the world can be a very dangerous place, and nothing is guaranteed to last forever.
  • Castle Sieges
    Heavy lies the crown. Muster your guild and recruit allies to partake in Ashes of Creation’s massive open world castle siege warfare. Does your guild have what it takes to seize control, can your dynasty stand the test of time?