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The Last Moments of Asheron's Call

Saying goodbye is never easy. Today, thousands of players said goodbye to the friends they made while playing the MMO Asheron's Call as the plug was pulled on its servers after 17 years. We were there to document the final moments and reminisce with a few of the community's most dedicated players about their time spent in the world of Dereth.

My Grandpa and his Asheron's Call

A YouTube groups called "We Sleep Talk" has posted this video showing a 74-year-old man who has played Asheron's Call since 1999 and is now looking for a new MMO home.

Ripper's Tortured Psyche: History of Asheron's Call Darktide

Ripper goes back in time and talks about one of the most influential MMO's in history...Asheron's Call on the Darktide Server. Music By: Marcus Zuhr Video Credits: SirSpaceboots dr34d0g Ravensight Almighty Dubs