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Can It Deliver Today?

Like the Energizer Bunny of fame, Asheron's Call is one of those games that keeps going and going. We have put Asheron's Call through its paces to see how it stacks up all these years later. See what we think and then leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Asheron’s Calling for a Hip Replacement

MMORPG.com's Adam Tingle is constantly on the look out for THE game for him. There may be millions of them out there but finding the perfect fit isn't always easy. In a new report for MMORPG.com, Adam has check in to Asheron's Call to see if the game of his dreams lies there. Check out what Adam discovered about Asheron's Call and then let us know what you think in the comments.

A Look At Essential 2009 Game Changes

MMORPG.com Asheron's Call Correspondent Stephen Williams writes this look at some of the more essential changes and fixes that have come to Turbine's Asheron's Call since the beginning of 2009.