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Journeys Into Subterranean Norrath

The ancient kingdom of Maldura, not heard from since before the Shattering, has made a desperate call for help to those residing aboveground. Their messages, unclear by the time they reached the surface, prompt the heroes of Norrath—those who have achieved level 100—to take action and delve into the unknown.

An Open and Sprawling RPG

In 2014 it broke his neck on the big screen at E3. This week Rob reviews Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Read on to find out if Nintendo's open world RPG has what it takes to compete with the titans of the genre.

A JRPG Fix On the Go

JRPGs are not just limited to consoles, PCs, and handheld gaming devices. Kobojo has created an original JRPG Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey and released it for mobile phones. Read on for Rob’s review of this title from Kobojo.

Heart of Thorns - A Foundation of an Expansion

We’ve put well over 50 hours into Heart of Thorns on the road to reviewing Guild Wars 2’s massive expansion. Not a single aspect of the game missed out on some new addition of another, so there was a lot to take in. We even got to play a bit of the new incredibly challenging raids that launched on the 17th before scoring our review. So then... how does Heart of Thorns stack up?

A Good JRPG, If Uninspired

Tales of Zestiria is the newest JRPG from Bandai Namco to be brought to the West. Read on for Rob’s review of this fifteenth installment in the “Tales of” series.

Far More than Boston Common

For many, Fallout 4 will be what they hope to replace Skyrim with. For others, it’ll be what they hope builds upon the sheer awesomeness that was Fallout: New Vegas (though it was made by Obsidian). For me, I was just hoping Fallout 4 could live up to the immense hype that Bethesda themselves have created. Does it? Well, read on to find out in our full review.

Enhanced Edition Review - Still One of the Best RPGs a Year Later

Divinity: Original Sin was one of the best RPGs of 2014. This year, Larian Studios refreshed the venerable roleplaying game with a new and improved Enhanced Edition, adding dual wielding, tactician mode, improved visuals, and over 88,000 lines of fresh voice-over. But is it worth returning to? We dig in to find out.

Is It a World of Tanks Killer?

Armored Warfare is Obsidian Entertainment’s entry into the arcade tank simulation free to play MMO genre. It is a thoughtfully paced tank shooter with semi-realistic armor mechanics. For those not familiar with the other major entries in this genre, like World of Tanks and War Thunder Ground Forces, Armored Warfare is not a game where your individual twitch skills are the deciding factor.

It's Not That Legendary

Last week N-Space and Digital Extremes launched Sword Coast Legends the top down RPG spiritual successor to the great Black Isle games of yesteryear. Read on for Rob’s impressions of the game and that genre in 2015.

Knights of the Fallen Empire Boldly Pushes Forward

Is it worth it for BioWare to try and build what seems like an actual singleplayer RPG on top of an MMO foundation? If we treat the first nine chapters of Knights of the Fallen Empire as BioWare’s sales pitch, I’m going to have to say yes.

He Who Controls the Space...

At its core, AD2460 is a fulfillment of a fantasy that I have had ever since I saw Star Wars; the ability to build a powerful galactic empire capable of wiping your foes from existence. And while I've waited years for an MMORPG to be able to provide that experience in a way that remains more accessible than most other attempts, I'm not sure I'm exactly sold on the method that AD2460 uses to go about fulfilling this fantasy.

A Duo’s Opus, But Not for Everyone

When we first heard about Rebel Galaxy, from Torchlight creators Erich Schaefer and Travis Baldree at their new studio Double Damage, we were floored. How could we not be excited about a procedural space-faring single-player RPG adventure with a full economy, factional warfare system storyline, and endless replayability? Turns out, our hunch was right and Rebel Galaxy is one hell of a game. But it won’t be for everyone. Read on for our review.

Go Wander Over Yonder

ATLUS is bringing another successful JRPG across the Pacific to the west on October 13th (a playable Demo is currently on the Nintendo Store now). Read on for Rob’s review of The Legend of Legacy.

Ah, the Joy of Blowing Up Large Ships On Screen

Wargaming.net has created a fantastic presence in the online space with its historical combat games. World of Tanks burst onto the scene and rose to power as one of the best battle arena games created in years. It stayed true to history and quickly gained the respect of millions of players. World of Warplanes had a tougher time of it. The key to these games is having maps which give players a chance to compete, not too many obstacles in the open air.

The Taken King Review - No Longer Taken for Granted

My relationship with Destiny is complicated. On one hand, it would only take a subtle prodding to get me to unleash a violent torrent of criticisms and resentment towards a game that was so obviously a shell of its true potential. On the other hand, I had sunk more time into it than I would ever care to admit in front of polite company. And so, Destiny made me a walking hypocrite.