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Fan Site VIP Event (Part IV)

EverQuest II - Previews

Richard Duffek is back at it with his fourth installment in our coverage of the EQII Fan Site Event. This feature will cover game content, how guilds will work and audio in the game.Posted Aug 14, 2004 by Richard Cox

Fan Site VIP Event (Part III)

EverQuest II - Previews

This is our third installment of our coverage of the EverQuest II Fan Site Event which was held this past weekend. In this article we will take a look at tradeskills in EQ2.Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Richard Cox

Kobold City Concept Art

Dark Age of Camelot - Previews

Mythic Entertainment recently released some concept art depicting what the Kobold City will look like. We have setup a feature to show you these ten unique images.Posted Aug 13, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Fan Site VIP Event (Part II)

EverQuest II - Previews

We are proud to bring you our second installment in our coverage of the EQII Fan Site VIP Event held in San Diego, CA. This part is dedicated to magic and spells and should answer most of your questions regarding their implementation in the game.Posted Aug 12, 2004 by Richard Cox

Fan Site VIP Event (Part I)

EverQuest II - Previews

Our own Richard Duffek (Kunou) recently attended the EverQuest II "Fan Site VIP Event" in San Diego / Puerto Nuevo. Here he played EQII hands on and attended every interview opportunity available. This is the first of 5 installments!Posted Aug 11, 2004 by Richard Cox

Ideazon Zboard Review

General - Hardware Reviews takes a look at the Zboard - an innovative keyboard that lets you have custom keysets for each game!Posted Jul 15, 2004 by Craig McGregor

World of Warcraft Cam!

World of Warcraft - Goodies

Want to see live action from inside the game? We have setup a live cam on our staff member "ParaTrooper" as he battles away inside the game.Posted Jul 14, 2004 by Tom Fletcher

Lineage 2 Review

Lineage 2 - Review's exclusive review of Lineage 2Posted Jul 12, 2004 by Richard Cox

Auto Assault Interview

Auto Assault - Interviews

Recently, our own Richard Duffek (aka Kunou) sat down with Ryan Seabury - the Senior Developer for Auto Assault for a little Q&A session. He managed to get a ton of great information from him! This interview also features 5 exclusive screen shots from the game!Posted Jul 6, 2004 by Richard Cox

Siege War Campaign

Knight Online - Previews

Knight Online hosted by is launching a new campaign called The Siege War Campaign. They have sent us a detailed press release and story which we have posted for Knight Online fans.Posted Jun 26, 2004 by Craig McGregor

Fansite Friday Interview #2

Guild Wars - Interviews

ArenaNet recently launched their "Fansite Friday" program where each week they select a Guild Wars fan site and offer them a chance to fire 3 questions at them...this week it was our turn! Our own Reed "Koltrane" Hubbard asked three teriffic questions, and we think you will find the answers very interesting!Posted Jun 17, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

Q&A With Reclamation Developers

Reclamation - Interviews

MMORPG.COM staff member Richard Duffek sits down with two members of the Reclamation team - Producer Jason Kramer and Mike Fisher, the lead of PR and marketing for Lyra Studios.Posted Jun 8, 2004 by Richard Cox

Star Wars Galaxies Review

Star Wars Galaxies - Review's exclusive review of Star Wars GalaxiesPosted Jun 4, 2004 by Richard Cox

Interview With Dan Antonescu

Mourning - Interviews

Andrew Collins (aka Malkavian) sits down with Dan for a brief Q&A about Limitless Horizons's upcoming MMORPG that is set to break many of the "rules" of the genre.Posted May 18, 2004 by Andrew Collins

E3 For Everyone Diary

Guild Wars - Previews

Reed Hubbard (aka Koltrane), a dedicated MMORPG.COM staff member, has been anxiously awaiting the free E3 demo that ArenaNet is giving the world during the E3 show. This will serve as his diary of the 4 day event.Posted May 10, 2004 by Reed Hubbard

Dark Age Of Camelot Review

Dark Age of Camelot - Review's exclusive review of Dark Age Of CamelotPosted Apr 13, 2004 by Mark Schembri

City of Heroes Preview

City of Heroes - Previews

Richard Duffek (aka Kunou) has been really hard at work playing City of Heroes for the past couple weeks (don't you feel sorry for him?) He finally stopped long enough to share some of his opinions and experiences with you!Posted Apr 4, 2004 by Richard Cox

Interview With Dev Team

Freeworld - Interviews

Richard Duffek sat down with a large group of the developers of Freeworld to talk about the current state of their fantasy MMORPG project.Posted Apr 4, 2004 by Richard Cox

Interview With Richard "Faustus" Lyle

DarkSpace - Interviews

Our own Alex De Line chats with Richard "Faustus" Lyle, the Lead Programmer and designer for DarkSpace.Posted Mar 29, 2004 by Alex De Line

Helbreath Review

Helbreath - Review's exclusive review of HelbreathPosted Mar 27, 2004 by Mark Schembri