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HyperX Cloud Alpha S 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset Review

Way back in 2017, HyperX unveiled their original Cloud Alpha. At the time, we were extremely impressed. With its dual-chamber drivers, excellent tuning, lush memory foam cushioning, and affordable $99 price, we were in love. Last month, HyperX released its successor, the HyperX Cloud Alpha S. It brings back everything we liked about the original and adds in surround sound and a mixer for game streaming. Is it enough for a headset in 2019? Let’s find out!

Aston Microphones Spirit Review: Streamers' Best Friend

Earlier this year, we took a look at the Aston Stealth, an outstanding dynamic mic from Aston Microphones. We had to know more about the company and see if their other products held up the same high standard. Today we’re looking at the Aston Spirit, a heavy-duty condenser mic just as at home in the studio as your desktop. If you’re ready to make the jump to pro, should this be your mic of choice?

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Review - From The Studio to Your Desk

Whether you’re making beats in GarageBand, programming songs via MIDI, mixing an EP for your buddies’ band, or dancing to those music grenades in Fortnite, proper headphones can make or break your experience.

Samsung T5 Portable SSD Review

As gamers, there are times when we need fast external storage. Whether that’s to connect to our game consoles, to transfer files between PCs, or to have a portable game drive to take on the go. Today, we’re looking at the Samsung T5 Portable SSD. It’s about the size of a credit card and offers full USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity, but does real-world performance match on-paper promise?

Corsair Void Elite Wireless RGB Gaming Headset Review

Corsair’s Void Wireless RGB is something of a misleading name. Rather than a hollow shell, this peripheral promises a cord-free blitz of color and an immersive sound experience. Follow us as we stare into the void and it blinks back in all its RGB glory.

Logitech G Pro X Gaming Keyboard Review: Swap Your Switch

Logitech has been on a roll this year, refreshing their line-up of accessories that seem directly drawn on what fans have been asking for. At the same time, they’ve kept their ear to the ground and their engineers in R&D to develop new features to carry the industry forward. Today, we’re looking at their latest keyboard and one of the most personally exciting releases I’ve gone hands-on with all year. This is our review of the Logitech G Pro X Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

PreSonus Studio 26c USB Audio Interface Review: New, Improved, and Amazing

PreSonus has been a driving force in the audio-recording industry with a catalogue of products ranging digital mixing consoles to powerful capture software. Into this legacy, the Studio C series entered the fray to deliver audio capture on the latest USB form factor. Join us we take both look and listen to the Studio 26c.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset Review

In today’s busy world, there’s just not enough time to ensure that you have the best possible headset for any possible scenario. SteelSeries has revamped their popular Arctis 1 headset into a wireless variant that’s able to quickly adapt to any situation that you might encounter. Due to the versatility, the Arctis 1 Wireless just might be the best budget headset of all time.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard Review

It’s unique keyboard week here at MMORPG! Well, not quite, but that won’t stop us from bringing you another interesting keyboard following yesterday’s Planck EZ. Today, we’re looking at the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. It features a sixty-percent split layout, huge programmability, full mouse control, and innovative thumb modules so you never need to take your hands from home row. The price? $275. Is it worth it? Let’s dive in and find out.

Planck EZ 40% Mechanical Keyboard Review: Portable Power

We’ve looked at full-size keyboards. We’ve looked at TKLs. We’ve examined 75-, 65-, and 60-percents, split keyboards, wired, and wireless. You might say we’ve seen it all. Not quite. Today, we’re looking at the Planck EZ, the smallest, most portable keyboard we’ve ever used. With only 47-keys, it’s as trimmed down as we’ve ever seen but it’s also one of the most customizable keyboards around. Are you ready for the tiny keyboard life? Let’s find out.

CHUWI GTBox Mini PC Review

It may not be up for AAA titles, but this oddity might just fit into the spaces between the enjoyment of games and the consumption of games media. This is a review of the CHUWI GTBox mini PC.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Earbuds Review

True Wireless headphones have come a long way over the last year. They’ve gotten smaller, offer improved battery life and reliability, and sound better than ever before. Jaybird is out with their latest take on the True Wireless earbud with the Jaybird Vista. I was a big fan of the original Jaybird RUNs when I reviewed them last year but does the Vista worthy of an upgrade? I’ve spent the last few weeks with them to answer that very question. Let’s dive in.

Velocilinx Brennus Gaming Mouse and Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

As a company that is high on quality technology and products for the home, Velocilinx wanted to make a foray into the world of gaming peripherals. The fruits of their labor have brought us the Brennus Collection. Enter the Brennus Optical Gaming Mouse and Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard bringing their vision for gaming peripherals to the market. This is our review.

Tin Audio T2 Pro IEM Review: Affordable HiFi

Hang around the headphone world long enough and you’ll hear about Tin Audio. The Tin Audio T2s are some of the most well regarded headphones for the price. Today, we’re looking at their successor, the Tin Audio T2 Pros. Coming to market at only $59.99, they punch about their class with dual high-resolution drivers per ear, a detachable cable, an all metal construction - but is there a catch?

Tripowin TP10 10-Driver IEM Review: 10 Speakers Strong

Our team has reviewed lots of different headphones but today we’re marking a first: with the Tripowin TP10, we’ve officially went hands-on with a ten driver headphone. At only $59.99, they’re also some of the most affordable multi-driver IEMs we’ve come across. With an extended frequency range and balanced armatures each tuned to tight frequency ranges, should the Tripowin TP10s be your next gaming and music headphone? Join us as we find out!