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Pre-Registration for Nexon MMORPG, V4, Available Now

Nexon has announced that pre-registration for its upcoming MMORPG, V4, is now available.

New World Unedited Combat Video Surfaces, Plus Info on Hammers

New World shared some information on hammers in a Twitter thread earlier, plus it looks like some unedited combat gives us a look at several systems.

Ghost of Tsushima Breaks Down Katana Combat in New Blog Post

Developer Sucker Punch recently shared their approach to combat in Ghost of Tsushima, their upcoming Samurai game for PS4.

Diablo IV Unveils 'The Dry Steppes', Gives Developer Update

The latest quarterly developer for Diablo IV was just posted, showing off one of the five regions of Sanctuary: The Dry Steppes.

Crowfall Reveals Crow Appreciation Rewards for July

The Crowfall team have shared the Crow Appreciation Rewards for July. Here's what's in store.

Magic: Legends Details the 'Director' System

Magic: Legends has revealed a new system they are implementing called the 'Director' which will dynamically change missions to enhance play experience.

EVE Online May Be On the Brink of Another Player War

Well folks, it looks like the gears of war are grinding again in EVE Online.

Path of Exile Team Gives Us a Glimpse of What to Expect for 2020

Grinding Gear Games have given us a glimpse into what we can expect from them and Path of Exile for the remainder of 2020.

Neverwinter Outlines Heroic Encounters in Avernus

Arc Games has outlined heroic encounters in Avernus in their latest Neverwinter dev blog.

Overwolf Answers How Its Purchase Of CurseForge Will Affect World of Warcraft Mods

A recent AMA with Uri Marchand, the CEO and co-founder of Overwolf, confirms how signing into Curseforge will work after the transfer from Twitch to Overwolf. Considering many World of Warcraft players leverage Curseforge for addons, the AMA contains some important details.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Independence Day Event Live

The Independence Day Event for Phantasy Star Online 2 is now live on PC and Xbox One.

Ashraf Ismail, Creative Director of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Steps Down After Accusation of Affair

Ashraf Ismail, the Creative Director on the upcoming Assassin's Creed Valhalla, has stepped down after accusations arose claiming an affair.

Albion Online Hotfix Resolves Issue with Silence Debuff

Albion Online has received a hotfix which resolves an issue with silence from invisibility shrines.

Blade & Soul: Divine Break Update Live Today

The Divine Break update for Blade & Soul is live today.

DDO Update 47 Available on Preview Server Until Tomorrow

Update 47 for Dungeons & Dragons Online will be available on the Lamannia preview server until tomorrow, June 25.