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Ashes of Creation Alpha One Testing Begins in May

It's official. Limited Alpha One testing for Ashes of Creation will begin this May.

Rockstar To Contribute 5% Revenue of Online Games to COVID-19

A new Showdown mode variation and more await you in Red Dead Online this week, plus, Rockstar issues a statement on COVID-19.

BattleRoyale-MOBA-RPG, Hunter's Arena: Legends, Starts Closed Beta Sign-Ups

The Battle Royale-MOBA-RPG hybrid, Hunter's Arena: Legends, begins closed beta sign ups. Here's what you need to know.

Squad-Based MMO Shooter, Enlisted, Gets Public Playtest Today on PC

The squad-based MMO shooter, Enlisted, is set to receive a public playtest on PC today.

Next TERA Console Expansion Now Live

The next TERA console expansion is now live. Here's the scoop

Warframe: Titania Prime Available Now

Titania is now available in Warframe on all platforms.

Field of Valor is Back For a Limited Time in Black Desert Mobile

Field of Valor returns to Black Desert Mobile for a limited time. Here are the details.

Grab Your Phantasy Star Online 2 Closed Beta Rewards Now

You can now grab your Phantasy Star Online 2 closed beta rewards, if you met the right requirements.

Ascent: Infinite Realm Renamed Elyon, Closed Beta Coming To Korea April 11

Bluehole teased some big news for the long-in-development Ascent: Infinite Realm, and earlier today it finally happened. A:IR is being renamed Elyon: Ascent Infinite Realm.

Mount and Blade II Third Most Played Game on Steam Right Now

The recently released Mount & Blade II Bannerlord has surpassed PUBG has the third most played game on Steam.

Path of Exile Announces Changes to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive

The Path of Exile team has shared changes to the Purposeful Harbinger Notable Passive due out in a patch later this week.

Black Desert Outlines Drieghan Region

A new post from Black Desert takes a look at the Drieghan region.

Star Citizen Lays Out This Week's Content Schedule

This week's content schedule has been shared by the Star Citizen team.

Invasion Atlas and Updated Nightmare Difficulty Discussed for Skyforge

Skyforge shared details earlier on the Invasion Atlas and the updated Nightmare difficulty. Here's what's in store.

Upcoming Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, Shares Companions

Time Travelling RPG, The Waylanders, is headed to Steam Early Access in 2020.